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Fake Coronavirus Alerts Fan Panic Worldwide

A new Coronavirus first identified in Wuhan city of China, is sending tremors worldwide as the death toll increases day by day and the existing vaccines and treatments are not effective. The official reports suggests that 106 people lost their lives so far to the deadly disease, while approximately 4,600 people diagnosed with it receive treatment in isolation.

The city has been in a lock down since a week and health officials in China are working rigorously to meet the needs of patients, besides constantly trying to educate themselves about the incurable virus. The confirmed cases of virus are also traced in North America, Europe, Australia and several other countries.

With a lot of unverified information being circulated in social media channels, governments and doctors are repeatedly warning public to keep a check on what they believe online. It is advised to follow the periodicals released by health departments of the each state or region on their respective official websites.

Several countries reported unwanted isolation of individuals without the traces of virus. It has become a tedious task for the experts to educate doctors around the globe about the disease to curtail its spread as well as avoid any over protective measures that could possibly lead to other kinds of problems.

Meanwhile, various misconceptions are going viral online about the disease like, claims of having patented vaccine for Coronavirus, another report suggesting the disease first developed because of eating bats and rats and other fake reports are in circulation which wrongly informs the number people of affected by the virus. It is to be noted that all of them are debunked by government of China.


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