HANTAVIRUS, A New Threat To The World?


Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, there were plenty of reports on Hantavirus worldwide, resulting in an increased panic among the public. The reports originated soon after a media house from China reported that a man has been tested positive for the virus, which usually come from the rodents.

You must have come across many reports suggesting it as a new possible outbreak. However, Hantavirus has been around for 26 years now.

And NO, it was not from China as it is reported widely. Hantavirus was first recorded in southwestern United States in May,1993. So many countries like Chile, Argentina, India, Brazil has reported positive cases around the same time.

Another important detail everyone are skipping to tell you is, Hantavirus cannot become a global pandemic like Coronavirus though both are airborne diseases. Because Hantavirus do not transmit from human to human unlike Coronavirus.

Hantavirus only transmits through the excretions of a rodent though the symptoms of the disease has similar to that of COVID19, including fever, headache, chills,  lungs fill with fluid and shortness of breath.Another similarity for both the diseases is there is no vaccine or cure yet.

Nevertheless, you can save yourself from Hantavirus by avoiding any possible contact with rodents and do not require nations to take drastic measures like travel bans, social distancing or a lockdown.


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