#COVID19AUS: Australia’s Coronavirus Death Toll Rises

Australia's coronavirus death rises as it records two deaths overnight. Does Australia need stricter lock downs and more measures?


Australia’s Coronovirus death roll rises to 11 as two men in their 70’s died last night in a Melbourne hospital and it records Victoria state’s first death due to the pandemic.

According to Government’s official pandemic response website, more than 169,000 tests have been conducted across Australia and there are 2,486 confirmed cases as of 26 March morning hours.

With a huge number of 520 COVID19 positive cases in Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews decided to go ahead with level 3 restrictions across the state. He has earlier made it clear that individuals will face fines of up to $25,000 and businesses could be forced to pay up $100,000 for violating restrictions.

There are serious concerns as the number of suspects rise and more positive cases is about to climb a steep since many Australians returned home only last week from overseas. The people showing mild to heavy symptoms is alarmingly high all over the nation.


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