US Supermarket Throws Out $35K Worth Of Groceries After A Woman Deliberately Coughed On


US supermarket Gerrity’s had to throw fruit and veggies worth of $35,000 US Dollars after a woman allegedly coughed on them intentionally. With Coronovirus scare across the globe, US is considering such intentional acts equal to terrorist threats.

Gerrity’s took to Facebook to describe the loss it has caused to the supermarket. “I’m also absolutely sick to stomach about the loss of food”, quoted the co-owner.

At the time where most supermarkets are experiencing shortage of produce due to panic buying by a few customers, having to throw off thirty five thousand dollars worth of food because of a woman’s deliberate act is highly unfortunate.

The woman was identified by the local police and was taken to a hospital for mental health evaluation. Criminal charges are expected to be filed against her after further investigation.

“Exploiting people’s fears and creating panic during a pandemic emergency is reprehensible. In times like these, we need to find ways to pull together as a community instead of committing acts that further divide us,” said Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni of Monmouth County, where the supermarket is located.

Meanwhile, US is said have 82,404 COVID19 positive cases, according to the data revealed by John Hopkins University and has crossed China in the number of positive cases recorded so far.


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