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Dirty Facts Behind Tasmania’s Insta-Famous Little Blue Lake

Tasmanian explorers and Instagram geeks must have heard a lot about the Little Blue Lake in the last few years. It makes headlines every season for its picturesque landscape.

The case is no different this year. However, Tassie explorers who visited the insta-famous lake during the weekend have got a lot to complain about.

The little blue lake serving beautiful aqua hues is highly toxic. Originally a mine hole, gained its vivid color as a result of alluvial tin mining, was in its fine form this last few days. It is all over the internet with many enthusiasts heading to the place for a colorful picture

Travelers couldn’t help but notice human poop, toilet papers, baby nappies and crazy amounts of litter all over the place.

Speaking of the dirty mess behind the pretty pictures, many took to twitter. Tasmanian Photographer and writer, Paul Fleming too shared a similar experience.

“If you are going to shit outside, please dig a hole away from paths, waterways etc. The amount of loo paper, tissues, nappies and litter here is disgusting. Be better humans.”, Paul wrote on his Instagram.

So, all the tourists planning to visit, you now know what to expect and what not to do. There is no denial that it’s an astonishing sight but please make a note that swimming in this toxic lake is also prohibited.

The lake located near South Mount Cameron in Tasmania’s North East turns from aqua blue to all shades of green depending on the light. It is often confused with the little blue lake situated in South Australia.


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