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Did You Know People Use to Walk from Victoria To Tasmania?

You read it right. There existed a walk-way from what is known today as Victoria to Tasmania. It may sound unbelievable to process the information but people before us lived on the Bass land and moved freely between places.

Did-You-Know-People-Use-to-Walk-from-Victoria To Tasmania?

Almost around 40,000 years ago, the first humans arrived in Tasmania. The topic has been well researched and documented evidence informs that people couldn’t have reached the place any other way.

Before an ice age began 30,000 years ago, the bass strait was a plain land where indigenous people lived and traveled comfortably between today’s mainland and Tasmania.

However, the ice age caused sea levels to drop about 120 meters resulting in a landmass between Papua New Guinea and Tasmania. When the ice melted further over the next 6000 years, Bass Strait formed – separating Tasmania from the mainland.

It washed away the land and created an impassable barrier for about 12000 years. Iaian Davidson and David Roberts – On Being Alone: The Isolation of The Tasmanians provided detailed insights into Tasmania’s history.

Over five hundred generations lived on the land with no knowledge of the rest of the world and believed in their own assumptions about the sea surrounding them.

Before Tasmania acquired its name in 1853 post transportation, it was called different names by different explorers and had a vast history, which is a story for another time.

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