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New Restrictions For Tasmanians As NSW Cluster Grows

Premier Peter Gutwein has provided an update on the current coronavirus restrictions amidst the recent outbreak in New south wales. The state has recorded 28 coronavirus cases in the past 48 hours, leaving other states with no option but to impose certain restrictions for travelers arriving from the area.

It’s estimated between 30-50 people have arrived in Tasmania from hotspot areas in NSW every day since last Friday.

Almost all states have now set restrictions on the residents of Sydney’s northern beaches.

Sydney’s northern beaches have been marked as the high-risk hot spot areas including its premises.

Anyone currently in Tasmania, who has been in the hotspot areas anytime on or after 11th December are advised to self-isolate immediately, as informed by the premier’s office this morning.

What does this mean to Tasmanians?

Tasmanians returning home from high-risk areas need to prove their residency, take a coronavirus test, and self-isolate upon arrival in Tasmania. In case of lack of arrangements at residence, returning Tasmanians can also quarantine at government centers.

Travel to NSW is still permitted and the people returning from other parts of NSW do not need to go through any checks.

Premier reminded everyone of how quickly circumstances can change and explained why it is important for all Tasmanians to stay alert by acting early and going hard.

Be Vigilant

Tasmanians are advised to be vigilant all the time. Especially with the Christmas and holiday season in the offing, Premier requested people to limit movement and always follow the guidelines.

He reiterated the fact that the virus is still with us and we cannot compromise or risk our health.

It is essential to manage this sensibly and responsibly to protect our community. For up-to-date information from the government about the situation, it is recommended to follow the website below.


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