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MasterChef Judge Melissa Leong Announces Divorce On Instagram

MasterChef Judge and a rocking food blogger Melissa Leong has announced her separation from husband Joe Jones On Sunday, in a sad and personal note posted on her Instagram page.

“It has brought us such happiness to walk together, but the time has come for Joe and I to part ways and walk on, apart. ⁣”, read a post from her.

Joe Jones is much familiar to Masterchef viewers as she often mentions him in conversations. In fact, she vows her knowledge and expertise in Italian food to her husband.

Melissa Leong had gushed in several instances about her magical meeting with Joe and how they were married only five months after dating.

“When you know, you know!”, she was quoted in an interview with TV Week in June. So the split came as a shocker to their regular followers.

Although things are a bit rocky on the personal front, Melissa is doing extremely well professionally.

She has become people’s favorite Masterchef Judge, after a reshuffle of the show last year and is continuing to sign crazy projects.

Melissa is widely popular among women for her bold and quirky fashion choices. She has recently become WHO Magazine‘s sexiest person of the year.


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